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Lisa Burke is an Irish weather forecaster. Burke was born and lived in Killeshin, near the town of Carlow in County Carlow, Ireland and attended school there before moving to London with her family in 1987. Her father is Tony Burke, a former goalkeeper for Laois. She graduated with a first class Masters Degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University in 1999 and was ranked second in the university. She gave up the opportunity to start a Ph. D in October 2000, aged 23, to work at Sky News. Burke joined Sky News in October 2000. Alongside weather forecasting, Lisa has presented Technofile and In 2007 she spent most of the year working as the first science reporter for Sky News, reporting live from Iceland on one assignment. Lisa appeared on the RTE reality television show The Restaurant in 2008. She also cooked on Ready Steady Cook. Lisa presented a documentary for Sky One called Inside A Lightning Bolt. She appeared on The Big Breakfast...

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