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Thomas Quiwonkpa, a Gio from Nimba County, was a Commanding General of the Armed Forces of Liberia and founder of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia. In 1983, Quiwonkpa was demoted, and was subsequently charged with an attempt to overthrow the Doe administration. The charges forced Quiwonkpa to flee the country. On November 12, 1985, one month after elections were held, Quiwonkpa, supported by about 24 heavily armed men, covertly entered Liberia through Sierra Leone, and launched a coup against President Doe. Bad timing, unorthodox methods used by Quiwonkpa and lack of support from the United States resulted in the disastrous failure of the uprising. Quiwonkpa was later captured, killed, and allegedly mutilated by Krahn soldiers loyal to President Doe. Joe Wylie, later Deputy Minister of Defense in the NTGL, was among the group who launched the coup. In a massive campaign of retribution against the coup plotters and their supporters, Doe's government launched a bloody purge...

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